Through collaborative research,
we are going to transform breast cancer
from often being a fatal disease
into a treatable illness longterm


Our Focus

Our research efforts are focused on making a valuable difference for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Through our international collaborative partnerships we aim to maximise our impact and ultimately help change the landscape of this disease into the future. We are focused on two areas of research where we feel that we can impact the lives of women in our communities.

  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer subtypes: generally this subtype affects younger women 25-45 years of age. The standard treatment of care has and continues to be surgery, supported by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Given this cohort are younger women this is itself causes problems in relation to fertility. There has been little research conducted to support new and improved targeted therapies that could be more effective longer term.

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: We are focused on identifying newer and more effective therapies for patients where cancer reoccurs in a differing format to their initial diagnosis; understanding the role of hormone receptors and their increasing resistance to treatment for patients with hormone receptive breast cancer.

We also have a duty of care to our communities to make them more breast aware; understanding how to perform a self examination regularly and the 8 signs and symptoms to be aware of will help impact an earlier diagnosis and ultimately affect better treatment outcomes #awarenesssaveslives